Action is the language of the heart.

Coros is the Latin verb for Creative Action & a compound of Heart + Mouth.

Coros Creative & Consulting is an emerging firm committed to helping creative professionals and organizations thrive by providing high quality consulting, branding, marketing, and mentoring. We are known for partnering with our clients through three phases of development to ensure a comprehensive, full-spectrum solution to achieving their business goals.

Now entering its third year, Coros has grown into an active collaboration of creative professionals who hail from engagement partnerships with organizations like the Democratic National Committee, Disney, UNICEF, World Economic Forum, Facebook, Google, and IBM, as well as engagements with literally thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

We are headquartered just north of Sacramento, California with our sister office in New York City, though many of our partners work virtually from across the United States.

Profile A
Rebecca GeorgeFounder & Lead Consultant
After nearly a decade of partnerships with State of California agencies as an Enterprise Architect and Business Consultant, Rebecca George founded Coros Creative & Consulting in 2013 to apply her passion for wielding intelligent business development to build better, stronger, and more agile brands adept to succeed in the shifting business and economic climate. She helps creative professionals apply enterprise architecture best practices to craft a business aligned with their values and vision. In addition to working with adults, Rebecca created The LEA Project to offer free workshops to help middle school girls in rural communities seize and build on their opportunities to succeed. Her core services include business visioning, vision document creation, strategic plan creation, small business consulting, one-on-one mentoring, and the support it takes to go from idea to action.
  • Expert Creative Business Consultant
  • A Decade of Helping Clients Make the Best Business Choices
  • Strong Belief in the Value of Building From a Clear Vision
  • Committed to Aligning Creatives With Their Core Expertise
  • Passionate About Helping Creative Professionals Thrive
Jaleen FrancoisConsultant & Project Manager
Jaleen is a hallmark T-shaped professional: a highly adaptive systems thinker with a breadth of experience in creative environments, with deep expertise in business and brand strategy and communications. She thrives when she is helping transform ambiguity into clarity, creating the paths that lead clients to the successes of their biggest, boldest dreams, and crafting experiences that matter. Jaleen’s specialties include business visioning, brand strategy, roadmapping and prioritization, helping teams do their best work, and creating high-impact experiences for your company or your customers. Her most expertly-wielded tools include whiteboards, post-it notes, action lists, and the question, “What is the problem we are trying to solve?”
  • Puzzle Solving Strategist
  • Highly Adaptive With a Wide Breadth of Skills
  • Excels in Innovative Project Management
  • Builds Strong Inter-Project Partnerships
  • Aerial Hoop Performer. For Real.
Tatyana HolodnovaBranding & Graphic Designer
Tatyana Holodnova earned her Bachelor’s degree at Moscow State University of Applied Arts and Crafts—one of the top ten universities in Moscow, Russia. In 1996 she moved to California and started pursuing a career as an artist and graphic designer. Her artwork has been featured in galleries throughout California. For nearly a decade, she worked in print media, designing a multitude of ads, layouts, magazines and more.

Tatyana is a talented designer, bringing the highest creative standards to each project she works on. From logos to creative posters, ads and websites, her designs make a lasting impression and promote the customer’s business in the best possible way. Explore her portfolio at

  • Highly Creative Visual Artist & Designer
  • Creates Beautiful, Communicative, Branding
  • Matches the Clients Needs to the Best Design Choices
  • Weaves Classic Aesthetic With Modern Sensibility
  • Fully Committed to Producing Great Work
Emily GelblumExecutive Coach & Consultant
With over a decade of experience as both an executive coach and consultant, Emily brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to every project she encounters . She believes that all people and organizations that want to change can change with the right support, planning, accountability, follow-through, and celebration. Over the course of her career, Emily has worked with entrepreneurs, new and seasoned leaders, and teams of all sorts to create the change needed to achieve personal goals and business results. She specializes in leadership development, change management, hiring and recruiting strategies, team culture enhancement, goal setting, performance management, work/life balance techniques, and program development.

Emily lives in Durham, NC, with her wife, Meghan, and their two boys, Buckley (an elderly black lab mix) and Finnegan (a feisty tabby cat). Learn more about Emily and her work at

  • Over a Decade of Executive Coaching Experience
  • Personalized and Holistic Approach to Client Goal Achievement
  • Firm Belief in the Power of Momentum, Clarity, and Innovation to Create Change
  • Passion for Evidence Based Approaches to Problem Solving
  • Out of Bounds Thinker Who Believes that Change Through Choice is Always Possible
Ansley BravermanPhotographer & Visual Story-Teller
Ansley Braverman has been taking photos since her Dad gave her a camera at the age of ten. Later she fell in love with the theater, following that love to graduate with a BFA in Dramatic Art. However, after getting married she realized that the life of the actress wasn’t for her. Together with her husband, a writer, she embarked on a two-year journey that took her from the mountains of Machu Pichu to the Great Wall of China, and just about everywhere in between. Captivated by the drama of the world’s cultures, Ansley began capturing these stories in photographs that have been featured in international publications and events ever since. Ansley’s emotional accessibility, enjoyment of people, and exceptional technique allow her to create photographs which literally speak for themselves. View more of her work at
  • Exceptional Visual-Storyteller
  • Experienced Creative Entrepreneur
  • High Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills
  • Photos That Capture The Best of the Moment
  • Loves To Help People Share Their Stories

Through our three phase process, we help creatives take the tiny steps that make up a giant leap towards their professional dream.

Business Visioning, Personal Branding, and Leadership Coaching are more than just fancy words. They’re a tried-and-true method that we (and our clients) swear by. It’s intelligent, practical, and effective. Every time.

Thank you so much for your focused assistance. I was impressed with how well you responded to my specific requests about what I really hoped for. Addressing that head-on made the session very helpful to me. Kudos there! You’re doing a great job. I’ve been recommending you to everyone I talk to.
Rebecca George has a vibrant passion for supporting people who are doing good work. She is dedicated to ensuring that each client receives a personalized approach to his or her individual needs, achieving both business and creative objectives. Rebecca has unparalleled focus, drive, and determination to create positive change in the lives of her clients. Hire her today – you won’t be disappointed.
Emily Gelblum, The Green Door Group
The Coros team has a great sense of where to go, what to do, and how to do it in reference to producing positive results. They’re very professional with great personal demeanor, excellent at trouble shooting, and understands the use of social media as a marketing device. Work with them now.
Harry Chrissakis, Herbalist & Herbs