Creatives come to us with questions like:

What is my personal brand?

How can I do more of what I love? 

Who is my target audience?

How can I follow through on my vision?

We’ve heard these questions, and more, many times over from creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who are searching for a way to take the next step strategically and successfully. From the photographers, graphic designers, bloggers, landscape architects, educational entrepreneurs, coaches, and all the other creatives we’ve helped, we’ve learned that beginning with the vision is always the place to start. Knowing your vision for the future is the only way you’ll make it there. So we help creatives who are overwhelmed, confused, or uncertain begin by defining their aims, articulating who they are, clarifying exactly what they offer, honing in on their perfect-fit clients, and making it obvious how to hire their help.
Sound like a lot? We can usually help creativess achieve this within three consulting sessions. Then they (and the designers) have everything they need to craft a personal brand that truly shares who they are for the people they are meant to serve.  Plus, we’re then set up with the brand positioning copy and content to create online platforms, like websites, apps, and social media, for broadcasting your brand to the world. Of course, every client is different. And the specific needs of each creative depends on where they are in their entrepreneurial journey. So, we always offer to custom package our services for each and every client. However, many creatives find what they need in one of our pre-built bundles below.

We always start with your Vision.

Because your Vision is a map to your dream.

Yes, there are graphic designers and creative consultancies that will design your logo without any vision or brand discovery.

But, we’re not one of them.

Business Visioning

We always build everything, especially the details, based on your Vision.


What is your Vision?

Whether you’re ready to cannonball into the deep end with us or prefer to dip your toes in the water first, we will always begin from the same place: our tried-and-true Discovery method. This way all of our clients, regardless of the size of the project, get the best of our attention and expertise from the very beginning.

Through one-on-one consulting sessions we lay the ground for getting the most from our work together. We listen for who you are and what you do now, as well as your aims for the future. We help you collect your thoughts, reflect, and decide what you really want. It’s also an opportunity for you to explore how you have been telling your story and consider how re-framing and refocusing that story might better serve your business aims.

We then review, deliver, and perfect your Business Vision & Brand Guide. This document is the foundation: it includes the essential Brand Positioning Copy you (and we) will use on all your brand elements, as well as your guidepost and roadmap for achievement. Once you have this, you will wonder how you ever did business without it.

Personal Branding

Personal branding blends the professional with the individual.

It engages your audience and positions you as a creative expert.

We then take your Business Vision & Brand Guide and begin to design in graphics and images the world of your brand. In our best case scenario, we are designing all the elements in house, rather than using previously designed work. This allows us to really take a creative deep dive, no holding back, approach to exploring what your brand look likes, how it engages your audience, and what makes it come alive. If it’s not making you say YES, it’s not there yet.

Then comes what most people think they are looking for. (Yes, we’re talking websites.) With your Vision square in place and your brand elements ready at hand, we can begin to design and build the user experience that is your business’ web platforms. This is one of the more complex undertakings we offer, because good website execution means everything: bringing together the verbal and visual, the brand with the audience, the business with the world. It’s where relationships happen (or don’t). And so we don’t take website design lightly. We want your business to build meaningful relationships with its audience. And we design a website that can best help that happen.

Professional Coaching

You have the Vision. You have the Brand. You’re ready to launch.

Now what?

Professional Coaching is about becoming a leader & making it work.

When we partner with a client to develop their creative business, we are making a commitment to invest the best of ourselves towards helping them succeed. That means we are committed to checking our assumptions, testing for results, reviewing all the data, and making even better choices as we go.

It means that though you are in business for yourself, you aren’t in business by yourself. We’re there to support you, help you, and also hold you accountable. Because we’re invested in ensuring your success. So, we think it’s only fair to create a partnership that makes this possible for both the client and ourselves.

Professional Coaching is about becoming a great leader, evaluating your choices against your aims, and putting in the work to really make it work. That’s why this part of the contract is 100% essential: we want to keep improving our work until it works, and we want you to keep going until it flies.

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Or, Learn More About Our Services

What do you need to take the next step in building your personal brand and creative business? Photographers, graphic designers, coaches, bloggers, consultants, illustrators, and writers hire our help to set their business vision, build a personal brand, and get professional coaching to succeed in the launch of their creative business. Our services include:

Business Vision

Define your mission, values, proposition, & brand personality.

Positioning Copy

Tell perfect-fit clients who you are, what you do, & how to hire you.

Content Creation

Create copy that speaks to your audience & search engines alike.

Visual Identity

Design for the logo, colors, & elements your brand will be known by.

Website Design

Custom or template options for optimum user experience.

Website Development

Mobile-friendly WordPress or hand-coded platforms of all sizes.

Marketing Strategy

Set goals, avenues, & opportunities for engaging your target audience.

Social Media Integration

Integrate all online platforms for a unified online presence.

Shop Photography

Images that capture & share who you are & what you do.

Brand Videos

Custom shot videos for websites, social media, or presentations.

Marketing Materials

Graphic design for brochures, flyers, business cards, & more.

One-on-One Coaching

Get support, feedback, & accountability to reach your goals.

Team Coaching

Increase commitment, creativity, & initiative among team members.

Launch Support

Put everything we’ve built to work & let ‘er fly.

Ongoing Maintenance

Get continuing guidance to test, tweak, & perfect your plan.

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